“Quiet mind, Clean Chi make long life.

The one who smiles never ages.

I am air,

I am light,

I am water flowing with the tide”

9 Forms Congenital Qigong

Qigong is used as part of complementary medicine for many chronic illnesses including digestive, respiratory, circulatory and nervous system problems. Qigong is also known as meditation in movement. Being practiced regularly qigong strengthens the immune system and calms the mind. As it is a gentle exercise system, it can be practiced when you are young and old, when you are healthy and ill.

Why Practice Qigong?

To Protect Our Health

Prevention is always better than cure. Regular qigong practice benefits our health, supports our ‘qi’ and prevent us from illnesses. Qigong practice requires neither large amounts of space nor special equipment. Young or old, healthy or ill, everybody can practice qigong. It can take as little as 10 minutes daily to achieve noticeable results and improvements in health and well being.


Regular practice can make the body more supple and help prevent the aches and pains we tend to associated with the ageing process. Deeper breathing patterns will increase the supply of oxygen to the cells, aiding in recovery and metabolism and also to the brain. Qigong gently increases our respiration and heart rate and increases muscle tone and strength.

Clarity of mind

Qigong takes our awareness to a more subtle level and increases our awareness to the spiritual aspect of our place in the universe and can change our fundamental view of life


With taking responsibility for our own health we are able to restore the balance of our body if we occasionally feel below par or unwell and will find it easier to recover from serious illness, giving us freedom from long periods of suffering and more time to enjoy our lives.


The healing power of Qigong is one of the main reasons many people practice regularly. Many people achieve very profound changes in their lives and health. Many people also find themselves with an increased ability to heal others.

9 Forms Congenital Qigong

8 Strands of Brocade

Five Element

Taiji Qigong


& Spinal Qigong are practised consecutively during the classes.

New Season starts on the 22nd of October

Face to Face Qigong Classes

Saturday 10.30-12.00  Acıbadem – Istanbul

Online Qigong Classes

Sunday Group 10.30-12.00

Tuesday Group 10.30-12.00

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