A Typical Session

Each session lasts approximately an hour. The first session might be longer since we take a detailed case history to develop complete picture of your health.

Each session is tailored according to the receiver’s individual needs.

The sessions do not merely aim to treat the symptoms, but to address underlying causes, so that long term healing process of the body is supported. The session usually takes on a futon at floor level. The receiver stays fully clothed during the session. At the end of the session, recommendations are offered regarding lifestyle, diet and exercise to support self-healing of the body.

For the session:

Please wear loose, comfortable, preferably cotton or wool clothing and bring one pair of socks.

Please do not eat heavily two hours prior the session.

It is better if you drink plenty of water after the treatment.

Please do not drink alcohol 24 hours before or after the session.

If possible, please do not overwork immediately after the session and avoid stressful situations.

Please cancel your appointment 24 hours in advance.