9 Forms Congenital Qigong*

Our body has three basic energy sources, namely the food that we eat, the air we breath and the ‘Essence’ (Jing) that we inherited by birth. We can call the ‘Essence’ as our genetic inheritance, allthough it doesn’t exactly match in emotional and mental terms. The quality of the food and the air we receive, our eating and breathing habits and our essence (Jing) greatly define the quality of our life and our chi. The Essence and its energetic form ‘Source’ chi mainly stored between the kidneys at Ming Men.

Our bone structure, constitution, memory, coordination and balance  ability, hormonal structure, reproductive health and our longevity greatly influenced by our essence and source chi. 9 Forms Congenital Qigong is based on strengthening and supporting our Essence and our Source chi.

Form 1 – Opening of the Ren and Du: Heart & lungs, eg cough, asthma, belching

Back & lumbar pain, neck stiffness

Stabilise low blood pressure

Form 2 – Regulation of Yin and Yang: Headache, Chest pain,

Stabilise blood pressure

Form 3 – Separating Yin and Yang: Low energy, feeling cold

Blood Pressure problems

Shoulder pain.

Form 4 – Regulation of Yin/Yang Hand: Chest and Heart problems

Improves arm weakness & stiffness

Strengthens waist

Form 5 – Regulation of 3 Yin/Yang Foot Channels: Liver problems

Spleen problems

Strengthens femurs, knees & ankle joints

Form 6 – Regulation of Dai (Belt) channel:

Abdominal problems – digestive disorders

Menstrual disorders – pain, irregularity

Benefits muscle function of legs and abdomen

Form 7 – ‘Big Cycle’: Moving all major joints of the body,

all major body joints benefit – joint pain, stiffness.

Form 8- Return the 5 Organs’ Qi back to Dantian, to accumulate and develop “Golden Qi”

Lowering blood pressure

Regulates activity of the major organs.

Form 9 – Returning Qi to Dantianwith cyclic movement

Fullness of chest & abdomen

Belching, nausea, regurgitation

*Source: Shiatsu College – UK