Holistic Arts of Healing for Your Body, Mind and Emotions

Thousands years old Traditional Chinese Medicine is one of the main holistic therapies for protecting and supporting our health. It has been widely practiced in Europe, Canada, USA and Australia today. One of the main branches of Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture has been well known and commonly practiced in Turkey. Yet, Traditional Chinese Medicine includes other therapies such as qigong, meditation and acupressure beside acupuncture. In this site , you will find information on two of these less known branches of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Turkey, namely Qigong and Shiatsu. You will see how these therapies can help you to maintain your health and well being.

 According to Traditional Chinese Medicine we need to consider our body, emotions, mind and spirit as a whole. These parts can not be separated from each other in healing process and any disharmony in these levels can cause illness.

 The aim in Traditional Chinese Medicine is to create maximum effect with minimum intervention to the body. Human body is sacred and in perfect harmony by itself. The effective treatment is not always the complex one that makes the body dependent on external interventions and support. The healing process rather needs to be based on supporting the body to tap into and use its own resources. Traditional Chinese Medicine and the therapies based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, namely Shiatsu and Qigong give back our control on our body and our health.

Do you suffer from headache, back or shoulder pain?

Are you experiencing emotional problems like stress, anxiety or depression?

Do you have chronic fatigue or insomnia?

Do you experience digestive or breathing problems?

Do you often get ill?

Then Qigong is for You



Ergül Ergün, PhD

Graduated from the Shiatsu College-UK & European School of Shiatsu -UK

Acredited by the Shiatsu Society-UK

Regular Classes8

Weekly  Qigong classes on Sundays and Tuesdays  bw. 10.30 & 12.00 am (ONLINE) Saturdays 10.30-12.00 (FACE to FACE) at Acıbadem-Istanbul

New Season starts at the 22nd of October

Please contact us to apply and for further information.

Zazen (Zen Meditation) Please contact us for 4 consecutive week sittings open to new comers.

Please contact us for Shiatsu Workshops.

Please contact us for shiatsu sessions, workshops and regular classes.