It is futile to travel other dusty countries thus forsaking your own seat”  Rules for Meditation, Dogen, 1243

“Zazen is about coming to realize what you have had from the beginning, rather than seeking some experience that will give you fulfillment and solve all your problems” says Master Daishin. In soto zen meditation one sits still in the present moment with an alert and all accepting mind, allowing thoughts and feelings to arise and pass away naturally without holding on to them or trying to push them away. As the mind with great relief learns to rest at ease within stillness, one sees the self and things cause us suffering more clearly.

“O house builder you have now been seen” says Buddha. Zazen is to put a mirror ourselves. It is to see the house builder. As we see our fears, desires, dreams, illusions, anger, feeling of lack, joy, happiness, we know more about the house builder, we understand more clearly what makes us suffer.

Zazen is the art of knowing what we really have and what we really are. It is awakening to this moment, to connect life and our essence deeply. It is to understand the truth of this moment without pressing any thoughts, any emotions and without holding on any of it. As we meditate mind clears and body relaxes. As we truly know ourselves and the moment we live, joy, confidence and love manifest naturally.

Above all best way to know about the sea is to swim and to be with it. Come and join us to experience what zazen really is.

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