Acupuncture Without Needles Shiatsu

Şiyatsu eğitimleri

Shiatsu works to restore the flow of energy by stimulation of acupuncture points and the meridians through which these points are linked to each other. The therapist use her/his hands, elbow, knees and feet to apply relaxed penetration these points and energy channels.

Shiatsu which is also know as acupuncture without needles is based on the principles of Chinese medicine, traditional Japanese body work and Western medicine. Shiatsu considers all aspects of our being and helps to bring balance not only physical level, but also emotional and mental level. The receiver’s life style, habitual patterns –both physical and emotional as well as her/his physical complaints are part of the therapeutic process.

12 Meridians


According to Chinese medicine when our life force becomes blocked, deficient or excess in a particular part of our bodies’, disease emerges. The therapist diagnoses these regions and support the receiver’s body to restore its balance.

Shiatsu does not only bring alleviation of symptomatic relief from diseases, but also supports the body in its long term healing process. Regular shiatsu sessions can help to built up our bodies’ immune system and to relieve from the stress of daily life.


Reduces tension and stiffness

Relaxes mind and body

Restores sleep

Improves circulation

Enhances immune system

Improves digestion