Spinal Qigong

The Spine is our main source of  movement and energy. It is the mainframe, main structure of our body. Central nerve system transferred to the body through the bone marrow of the spine.

According to Chinese Medicine, crucial shiatsu points of the major internal organs ‘Yu points’ are around the spine.

Back pain and spinal problems often occur with wrong posture causing some of the vertebras overwork and some to remain motion less. In fact, this is very common in modern age with limited use of our body and mostly doing mental work.

Long hours of work on the desk with limited asymetric movement increases chance of experiencing spinal problems. Spinal problems can cause major health problems including back pain and headache, breathing difficulty and fatigue.

Spinal Qigong is based on strengthening the muscles around the spine, stimulating the unmoving vertebras for movement coordinated with breathing and mental awareness.