Shiatsu for Pregnancy, Labour and Post-natal Period

Shiatsu is effective to eliminate back pain, constipation, morning sickness, cramps and oedema which are often experienced. It is also beneficial for emotional ups and downs. Shiatsu helps blood circulation around the womb, so that it  supports baby’s nourishment.

Shiatsu is effective reducing labour pain and starting delivery. It can change mallposition of fetus, induce labour and assist difficult delivery.

Shiatsu has been widely used by National Health System in the UK for pregnancy and labour. For instance, according to a research conducted on 66 pregnant women at the Bristol St Michael Hospital, 63 % of women who received shiatsu treatments compared to 36 % who did not receive shiatsu. Regular moxibition to certain shiatsu points can eliminate mallposition of the baby. Success rate of this application in the UK hospitals is 95 %.*

*Yates, Suzanne, 2003. Shiatsu for Midwives. BfM. Ingiltere.