Benefits of Shiatsu

Shiatsu can help to relieve wide range of health problems. It is particularly successful for chronic diseases, such as:

Immune system disorders

Headaches and migraine

Muscle, joint and back pain

High and/or low blood pressure

Stress, anxiety and depression

Chronic fatigue and insomnia

Sciatica, rheumatism and arthritis

Digestive disorders

Shiatsu is also beneficial for

Menstrual problems

During pregnancy

For preparing labour

For menopause

Postnatal syndrome


Lung related problems (like asthma, bronchitis)


How do I know Shiatsu works?

In the year 2006 and 2007, professor A. F. Long at the university of Leeds, UK coordinated an international research on 848 person receiving shiatsu from Austria, Spain and UK.

95 % of the participants said they fell more peaceful and comfortable compared to the period before the received shiatsu.

86 % of the participants who applied for shiatsu for stress and tension, back and joint pain, chronic fatigue, digestive and breathing problems said shiatsu improved their health.

82 % of the participants suggested their overall health improved.

71 % said they feel more energetic.

For Research on Shiatsu:


Research Council on Complementary Medicine-UK

Shiatsu Society-UK

Internet Health Library -University of Exeter